Chinese Herbal Medicine

Wild Roots offers Chinese Herbal Medicine in Kamloops, BC.

What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

Zhang Zhongjing

Chinese herbal medicine is the precise and complex practice of combining roots, leaves, flowers, twigs, barks, shells, fruit, seeds, minerals, and more, into formulas or specifically designed recipes to be used as medicine and tonics.

At Wild Roots, this blending of herbs is our art. We weave our understanding of each individual patient’s physiological pathways, and combine it with what we learn about their diet, lifestyle, and environment, to create rich blends to help them adapt to seasonal changes and weather systems, internal changes such as hormones and aging, as well as the world around them including stresses, pollution, and food.

Our herbalist is able to assess patients using classical tools such as pulse diagnosis, and then treat illness by drawing on ancient recipes and formula composition that is precise and time tested.

The goal of herbal medicine is to harmonize organ systems so that they can work together in a unified fashion and then ultimately restore function within those systems to regain health and vitality through a more efficiently working body and thereby more clarity and stability within our emotional experience. We want to improve physiological functioning and vitality. Depending on the circumstance, we may need to detoxify, tonify, stimulate, or sedate. Herbal formulas combine approaches for the best and most balanced effect.

Herbal medicine is safe and effective and for many conditions it is an essential part of the treatment. It can be used for anyone, including babies, children, teens, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and seniors. At Wild Roots, raw herbs, granules and powders, (and pills with a special request) are all available depending on the person’s needs. There are no rare and endangered animal parts used at Wild Roots in any formulas or prescriptions.

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